“Go To Sleep, Or I Will Put You To Sleep”

My first taste of surgery, the first two weeks, was on the anesthesiology service. Anesthesia was awesome. It’s a “surgical” specialty that has magical hours: my day usually ran from 6:30 to around 5 in the afternoon. Compared to trauma, where the hours can only be described as horrible (we’ll get there), this was a cakewalk. A typical day: Continue reading

The Downhill Ritual

It has been a rough four weeks for humor.

Last time I wrote, I was finishing up my OB/GYN rotation – may it forever stay in my past – and beginning surgery. My first two weeks on surgery were in anesthesia, which has scant moments of humor. Now I’m rotating through the trauma service, which is essentially The ICU For People Who Get Hit By Volvos. So that, plus needing time to sleep, equals no posts in a month. Continue reading

Big Pimpin’

Yesterday I told you about the move to a pass-fail system. Regrettably, the change does nothing to ameliorate the other major stressor of being on the wards – pimping.

Pimping is an old method of Socratic-teaching-gone-wrong where a senior doctor instills his or her worldly knowledge in you by asking question after question until you can no longer answer, then humiliates you by either explaining the answer like you are a toddler or by requiring you to look it up and present the topic the next day. Or hour, if life really sucks. Continue reading

The Pelvis Is No Longer Terrifying

Something I haven’t mentioned yet here is a recent change to our new med school curriculum: our clerkship/rotations year is now pass/fail. For those of you not in medical school, traditionally the rotations year is graded on a scale of Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail, which is functionally equivalent to A, B, C, D (it just sounds better to say “I passed” instead of “I got a C, mom!”). Continue reading

I Labored Thirteen Hours To Bring You Into The World, I Can Take You Out Of It

Thus spake Mom.

I’m currently in my final week of the inpatient portion of my first rotation, obstetrics and gynecology. The whole block is eight weeks, but the first month is subdivided into two weeks on “L&D” – labor and delivery – and two weeks on surgical gynecology. Continue reading

Finally Finishing First Year

A week after our final physical diagnosis exam was our last “end of block assessment” of first year, which is fancy med school terminology for “final exam.” Like our other tests in first year, it was remarkable only for how long it was (fourteen-ish hours over three days) and for how absurd some of the questions were. Continue reading